As a fully integrated extension of a client’s business office, ROI’s Active Receivables Management Services streamline billing and reimbursement workflows, reduce outstanding receivables and increase cash flow.

ROI’s billing and follow-up services include:

  • VA / Government Coding and Insurance Billing
  • Eligibility verification
  • Initial and rebilling of primary insurance
  • Secondary and additional insurance billing
  • Denial management and follow-up
  • Continued follow-up on open accounts
  • Credit balance resolution
  • Coding review and recommendations for HELD and DENIED claims

ROI representatives follow up with insurance companies to check the status of insurance claims. Depending on the response received, one or more of the following may take place:

  • Medical records are requested to be sent to the carrier
  • Rebills are generated
  • Secondary claims are generated
  • Account is researched for disputes or missing payments
  • Patient is contacted by phone or letter for additional information
  • Appeals are sent on denied claims
  • Coding recommendations are made on HELD or DENIED claims
  • Follow-up with insurance companies is completed to continue the account resolution