The spectrum of Langley Provider Group resources represents 15+ years of business experience addressing the professional needs of healthcare providers throughout the Private Sector and Veterans Administrations.

As a full-service Revenue Management firm, as well as a GSA Schedule Holder, Langley Provider Group services are designed to increase client productivity, profitability, and cash flow by:

Execution of technology-based solutions with experienced personnel
Reducing Administrative Costs in a declining reimbursement environment
Improving our client’s utilization of internal FTE resources and patient relationships

  • ICD-10 Transition Services
  • Medical Record Coding
  • Medical Record Coding Audits
  • Quality Assurance Program Implementation
  • Billing
  • Accounts Receivable/Cost Recovery
  • Patient Access Management

A successful transition to ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS will require a comprehensive review, analysis, and transformation of the Clinical and Revenue Cycle Operations. Langley Provider Group is pleased to offer a full-service solution to this need.

  • Project Management
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Risk/GAP Analysis
  • Training
  • Coding Services
  • Billing Services
  • AR Cash Acceleration

Capturing targeted data from the clinical medical record for appropriate reimbursement is our expertise. Langley Provider Group’s national team of credentialed coders has extensive experience in applying accurate, complete and consistent coding for the production of high-quality healthcare claims. We also provide educational programs to enhance the quality of clinical information, provide interim coding staff, and provide management support.

  • Inpatient Coding Support
  • Outpatient Coding Support
  • Training
  • Coding/Compliance Audits
  • Documentation Assessments and training

Medical Record Coding Certification

License Instruction Through an AAPC Approved CPC and CPC-H curriculum to include classroom instruction, materials, AAPC membership and testing fee.

Langley Provider Group believes that this role is an integral part of the revenue cycle. Applying accurate, complete, and consistent billing practices are crucial to the submission of high-quality claims data. Our experienced staff has a proven track record of achieving maximum reimbursement through accurate and timely billing processes.

  • Inpatient Billing Support
  • Outpatient Billing Support
  • Adherence to (OIG) Compliance Program Guide
  • Track and Analyze Billing Denials
  • Training

Langley Provider Group offers an intensive Cash Acceleration program to achieve optimum reimbursements. Our experienced staff has a proven track record of achieving maximum reimbursement through consistent communication with Payers to determine proper protocols. This allows for a streamlined approach to claims processing and payment.

  • High-end analysis to develop client
    specification plan
  • Action plans are customized based on
    balance and financial class
  • Analyze denials to pinpoint reasons for
    denied or delayed payment
  • Identify opportunities to recover lost

Our experienced staff has a proven track record of expediting maximum reimbursement through accurate and timely registration, pre-certification, pre-authorizations, and insurance verification processes.

  • Pre-Registration
  • Registration
  • Patient Liability Determinations
  • Pre-Certifications
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Insurance Verifications