The ROI company serves as a fully integrated extension of a client’s business office; we specialize in capturing targeted data from records for optimal reimbursement leveraging our highly skilled workforce and proprietary technology and processes.

Founded in 1995, we have more than 950 specialists operating from six locations and serving a coast-to-coast client base of 250+ healthcare facilities. We are 100% healthcare focused.

Annually, we process 4.5+ million accounts with a dollar value in excess of $2 billion and send out close to 4.6 million statements and letters.


Through a strategic acquisition, we are smartly integrated with Bolder Healthcare Solutions—the fastest growing revenue cycle management firm, comprised of leading specialty RCM companies—to support our growth and strengthen our collective capabilities.

Growing into a bigger, better and bolder company: Bolder Healthcare Solutions now has more than 2,000 specialists serving 700+ clients nationwide, operating from 13 locations. Visit Bolder Healthcare Solutions for more information on other Bolder portfolio companies.